The Vegetable Garden

Garden Calendars and Monthly Garden Tips

    The monthly gardening guides, below, list the details of all the important tasks and projects which should accomplished during the given month. As a new gardener, or seasoned veteran, it really is important to have an abundant supply of patience. However, this doesn't mean waiting until the last possible moment to get your garden ready. There is plenty of work that needs to be done throught the entire year to get the most out of your garden.

    Every garden can become productive in some way or another, and even the most inhospitable plot can usually be turned into a vegetable garden if you are willing to work at it on a regular basis.

    Click below on your USDA zone for a detailed monthly to-do list or see below for a general seasonal calendar.

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    Plan the garden.
    Order seeds (allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery if ordering by mail).
    Make/purchase growing trays, trellises, cold frames, and shade-netting units.



    Plant trays so seedlings can mature while the soil is being prepared.
    Compost weeds, grass clippings, and compost crops.
    Harvest compost crops, dig garden beds, and spread cured fall/winter compost.
    Plant cool-weather crops in early spring and warm-and hot-weather crops in late spring and early summer.



    Plant summer crops.
    Keep the garden watered and weeded.
    Harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    In mild-winter areas, plant fall gardens of cool-weather crops at the end of summer.



    Start additional compost piles with plentiful leaves and garden waste.
    Harvest summer crops.
    Plant fall/winter compost crops.