The Vegetable Garden

The Problem with Traditional Vegetable Gardening - page 4

  • Written by Jonathan White, Environmental Scientist

Another reason that traditional gardeners may not like this method is that it takes away all the mysticism of being an expert.  You see, this method is so simple that any person, anywhere in the world, under any conditions, can do it.  And for a veteran gardener it can actually be quite threatening when an embarrassingly simple solution comes along. 

I have no doubt that this is the way we will be growing food in the future.  It’s just commonsense.  Why wouldn’t we use a method that produces many times more food with a fraction of the effort?  I know it will take a little while to convince people that growing food is actually very instinctual and straightforward, but with persistence and proper explanation, people will embrace this method. 

Why?  Because sanity always prevails… eventually!

Jonathan White is an Environmental Scientist and the founder of the Food4Wealth Method.  For more information see