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Laying Out and Planting Vegetable Gardens

    As you start planting vegetable gardens it’s important to know how the garden will be laid out. The layout of your own garden will depend on what vegetable you want to grow, the planting space and if you would like to opt for companion planting. Here are some helpful tips on how to layout your own garden and start planting vegetables.

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    Let’s Plant Potatoes in the Garden

    • Written by Kathy Anderson

    Potatoes, taters, spuds…call them what you will, potatoes are a staple in the diet of many people all over the planet. Potatoes are a nutritious, versatile vegetable, and they’re incredibly easy to grow. But before you run out to the garden with your shovel and hoe, there are a few things you should know about planting potatoes.

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    Long-term Plans for Planting Vegetable Gardens

      A lot of people are beginning to see the benefits of planting vegetable gardens. It's usually healthier because you get to decide whether or not to use commercial pesticide on them. Since vegetable gardens are typically manageable in size because they're not grown for profit, it's easier for people to manage the plot without having to resort to using commercial pesticides.

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      No Backyard? Try Planting Vegetable Gardens Indoors!

        Nothing beats the fresh wholesome taste of vegetables freshly picked from your own garden. Planting vegetable gardens can be a challenge if you don’t have a backyard, but you can still grow vegetables indoors. Just follow a few simple garden-smart guidelines.

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        Organic Gardening and Permaculture

          When we think of organic gardening and permaculture we tend to conjure up images of leathery-skinned bearded warriors who dedicate their lives to working long days in their vegetable plots.  Whilst this may be a wonderful way to live your life, it doesn’t suit the average suburbanite with a full-time job and a hefty mortgage.

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          Plan Your Garden

            Before you begin to plan your garden be sure to honestly access just how much work and time you are willing and able to devote to your garden. If it is just you alone and you are very busy, then plan for a smaller garden. If your entire family will take on the task, then you can plan for a larger garden. Then determine how much area can be converted into usable garden space.

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