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Planning Before Planting Vegetable Gardens

    In periods of financial difficulty, planting vegetable gardens becomes a viable option that achieves two things: it helps the family reduce expenses related to buying food, and it offers the opportunity to sell excess yield to friends and neighbors. Starting a vegetable garden is not particularly difficult, so long as you put enough thought, time, and effort into it.

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    Planting Tomatoes In Your Garden

    • Written by Kathy Anderson

    Tomatoes are without a doubt one of the most popular vegetables in the home garden, and for good reason. Homegrown tomatoes are very nutritious and much more flavorful than those bought from a store. Tomato plants will produce an abundance of fruit for the home gardener if they are properly planted and cared for.

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    Planting Vegetable Gardens for Beginners

      Planting vegetable gardens can be a very rewarding endeavor, not to mention that it's good for your body because of all the exercise you will get, and the vegetables that you'll get to eat. These days, it's really ideal if you can plant your own vegetables to make sure that they're pesticide free, but a lot of people feel intimidated by the idea of planting vegetable gardens especially in a city.

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      Planting Vegetable Gardens for Stress Relief

        More than letting you reduce the sum of money allocated for food, there is another very beneficial effect of planting vegetable gardens that will really give your health a great deal of favor: stress relief. We all know how stress wreaks havoc to our overall health. Aside from the more obvious fact that stress takes out joy and serenity in our lives, it is also the root of many illnesses known to man. The negative effects of stress in our lives can and will bring several problems such as: heart diseases, depression, migraine, eating disorders and many others.

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        Prune and Trelis Your Tomato Plants

        • Written by Kathy Anderson

        For many home gardeners, the tomato crop is often a source of pride. Gardeners often compete to see who can grow the earliest ripe fruit, the biggest or most flavorful tomato. The desire for perfect tomatoes sends many gardeners to their local garden centers in search of the latest potions or products that promise to help them achieve their goals.

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        Restore Basic Life-Supporting Systems

          The breakdown of our food growing systems poses one of the biggest threats to our survival.  Our existence depends upon our agricultural systems, but what do our agricultural systems depend on?  The answer: water, air and soil.  These basic elements support all life-forms and without them, life as we know it cannot be sustained.

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