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Controlling Insects Organically

  • Written by Kathy Anderson

Most gardeners are anxious to get out into their gardens as soon as the weather warms up and the first green sprout appears. Unfortunately, plant-eating insects are just as anxious as we are to get into the garden. They seem to think that our beautiful shrubs and tasty vegetables were planted for their benefit!

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Composting The Easy Way

    Having an ample supply of good rich compost is the gardeners' dream. Composthas many uses, and all of those uses will result in nicer plants. However, composting can be time consuming and hard work. I place a reasonable value on my time, so spending hours and hours turning compost piles doesn’t qualify as a worthwhile exercise, at least in my book. Nonetheless, I do compost, but I do so on my terms.

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    Plan Your Garden

      Before you begin to plan your garden be sure to honestly access just how much work and time you are willing and able to devote to your garden. If it is just you alone and you are very busy, then plan for a smaller garden. If your entire family will take on the task, then you can plan for a larger garden. Then determine how much area can be converted into usable garden space.

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      Raised Bed Gardening kit

        I received my raised bed kit from and can't wait to get it together and ready for my seedlings. The kit is made by Greenes Fence Company who has been around for more than thirty-five years so they know a thing or two about wood products and customer service. The great thing about this raised bed kit is that it ships directly to your door for free and requires no tools to put together. The kit came nicely packaged with no damage and once out of the box was together in minutes. The hardest part was decided where in my garden area I was going to place it.

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        Building and Planting Vegetable Gardens

          The structure of your vegetable garden does not only have to be functional but it can also look and feel good. Spruce up your garden by building some decorative arches and some tomato cages while helping it produce more crops. After all, there is more to planting vegetable gardens than just cultivating a spot of land.

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          No Backyard? Try Planting Vegetable Gardens Indoors!

            Nothing beats the fresh wholesome taste of vegetables freshly picked from your own garden. Planting vegetable gardens can be a challenge if you don’t have a backyard, but you can still grow vegetables indoors. Just follow a few simple garden-smart guidelines.

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            Save Money and Get Healthy by Planting Vegetable Gardens

              Instead of setting up a swimming pool or a Zen garden in your backyard, why not plant vegetables instead? Planting vegetable gardens is a great way to spend quiet time de-stressing while getting in touch with nature. Having a steady supply of vegetables will also lessen food expenses and improve the health of your loved ones.

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