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Cauliflower Seeds


    Cauliflower "Purple Sicily" (Brassica oleracea botritis) Seeds

    Purple Cauliflower brings in the new year with its sweet tasting, bright purple curds. This cold tolerant cauliflower develops a head inside the protection of tightly wrapped leaves. When fully mature the leaves gently unfold revealing the scrumptious 6-8 inch crown. Holds nicely on the plant for up to three weeks.

    Hardy Over-Wintering Cauliflower

    Overwintering cauliflower is a delicious little known gourmet vegetable. It has a mild, sweet pleasing flavor and tender texture. For a full season of production, these varieties should be planted at the same time for consecutive harvesting from late March to mid-May. Start greenhouse transplants in late July for planting in mid to late August. Very hardy!

    Cauliflower "Snowball Y Improved" (Brassica oleracea) Seeds

    The name says it all - the Snowball Y Improved cauliflower is pristine white. An heirloom variety, the Snowball Y cauliflower is a favorite of both home vegetable gardeners and professional growers.

    Cauliflower Self Blanche Great Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

    52 Days. Plant produces flavorful snow ball type cauliflower. Leaves curl upward and cover head to keep sun from ruining white color. Deep, smooth, fine-grained heads. Great for freezing and pickling.