The Vegetable Garden

Turnip Greens Seeds


    Purple Top White Globe Turnip (Brassica rapa) Seeds

    This turnip has roots growing up to 6" across with purple tops on a white root. The root has a mild, enjoyable taste and also stores well. A great gardening turnip.

    Tokyo Turnip Gourmet Seeds

    Tokyo Cross hybrid variety is an All American Selection award winner. It can be harvested at any stage, small to large size roots (up to 6" diameter) without getting pithy. These turnips have a perfect globe shape with smooth skin and sweet, mild, crisp flesh. They mature early, are late bolting and have good flavor. Can be sown from spring to fall.

    Seven Top Turnip Seeds - Brassica Rapa

    The Seven top turnip is a forage turnip, meaning it is grown exclusively for it's leafy green tops. The leaves grow from 16 to 22 inches tall. Leaves can be steamed, used in salads, or stir fried. The seeds can also be used for sprouting. Roots are not good for human consumption, animal fodder only.