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Garden Pea Seeds


    Certified Organic Sugar Snap Pea

    Oregon Trail Shell Pea Hardy Annual (55-70-day)  Compact 20-24-inch bush produces mostly double 3-inch pods from each node.  This sweet shell pea is prolific and delicious, fresh or frozen. Planting depth: 1-2-inch Soil Temperature for Germination: 50-75-Degree F, day to Germination: 3-8 Avg. Spacing: 6-12 seeds/foot in rows 2-3-foot apart Avg. Seeding rate: 110-130-pound./acre-day to maturity: 55-70 Partial shade/full sun Moderate water

    Green Arrow Pea Seeds

    Stays sweet an extra-long time! Dark green pods grow in pairs at the top of the plant for easy picking. Nine to 11 perfectly plump peas per long, well-filled pod. Resists wilt and mildew. Most can be harvested 18-20 days after they flower. Delicious fresh and cooked. Perfect for canning and freezing. Green Arrow Peas resists wilt and mildew. 68 DAYS.

    Peas thrive in the cool temperatures of spring and fall. Plant plenty- you can never have too many of these deliciously sweet and tender treats!

    Organic Garden Sweet Pea Seeds

    A sugar sweet pea. It has more fresh flavor, more staying power on the vine and longer life in the fridge. Harvest in about 70 days.

    Peas Oregon Giant, Snow

    The Oregon Giant Snow Pea is full of flavor and is an annual favorite for many gardeners. Both pods and peas are very sweet, this variety of pea produces high yields of huge 4½ x 1-inch flat pods. This variety is also an early producer and harvest continues over a long period. Disease resistance includes: Bean Leaf Roll Virus, Fusarium Wilt, Pea Enation, Mosaic Virus, Powdery Mildew, Red Clover Vein, Mosaic Virus. Oregon Giant Snow Pea seeds should be planted directly outdoors 4 weeks before last spring frost date. Placing: Full Sun Planting Depth: 1-inch. Spacing: 2 - 3-inch. Maturity: 55 - 75