The Vegetable Garden

Radish Seeds


    Watermelon Red Radish Seeds

    This radish produces a very large 2-3 inche white skin radish with with green shoulders and features a red center that is remarkably sweet. Eexcellent for gourmet dishes and makes for a beautiful salad.

    Certified Organic French Breakfast Radish

    French Breakfast Radish Heirloom 2-3-inch by 1-inch root. Hardy Annual Introduced prior to 1885, this olive-shaped radish is rosy scarlet with crisp, white flesh and a white tip. A very handsome variety. Maintains its crisp texture up to 2 months after planting. Sow 1-2 seeds per inch in rows 6 inches apart in the spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow every two weeks for a continuous supply. Be sure to the-inch Harvesting tips. Begin harvesting as soon as radishes reach eating size and before the plant goes to seed. Planting Depth: 1/2-inch Soil Temperature for Germination: 70-85-Degree F, day to Germination: 3-8 Avg. Spacing: 12-24 seeds/foot in rows 8-inch apart Avg. Seeding Rate: 10-15-pound./acre-day to Maturity: 20-30 Partial Shade/Full Sun Water Often

    Watermelon Radish

    White root with green shoulders. Features a red center that is sweet. Largetops for easy picking. Makes for a beautiful salad. 29 days.

    Organic Cherry Belle Radish Seeds

    Cherry Belle is a round, crunchy, crisp bright cherry red radish with an outstanding flavor. Originally from Holland, Cherry Belle was created to do well in mucky clay soils, but grows extremely well in most soils. Resists pithiness found in so many other radishes. Tops grow 3-4's and can be used in salads when small. Stores for weeks in the fridge. Plant about every two weeks for a continuous harvest until about June when it becomes to hot. Resume planting again September.