The Vegetable Garden

Corn - Varieties


    Most of the varieties listed here (like nearly all sweet corn sold today) are hybrids. They are arranged by genetic type and kernel color. The maturity dates are relative because the actual number of days to harvest varies from year to year and location to location.



    Standard (SU)

    Yellow Harvest Ear Size Comments


    58 days

    7"-14 rows

    extra early

    Golden Cross Bantam

    85 days

    8"-12 to 14 rows

    old home-garden variety


    86 days

    8"-14 to 16 rows

    popular midseason variety


    82 days

    8"-16 rows

    high yield; deep, narrow kernels; excellent for canning


    84 days

    8"-18 to 20 rows

    extremely thick, attractive ears; silks easily removed

    Seneca Horizon

    65 days

    7"-16 to 18 rows

    excellent quality


    69 days

    1/2"-14 rows

    best cold-soil tolerance, early season vigor; handsome ears

    White Harvest Ear Size Comments

    Pearl White

    75 days

    7 to 8"-12 to 16 rows

    good cool-soil and drought tolerance; easy snapping

    Platinum Lady

    86 days

    8 1/2"-14 rows

    delicate flavor; tender kernels; slender, elegant ears

    Silver Queen

    92 days

    8 to 9"-14 to 16 rows

    dark green flag leaves, attractive ears; standard, high-quality white corn; resistant to bacterial wilt and Helminthosporium

    Bicolor Harvest Ear Size Comments


    92 days

    8 to 9"-16 rows

    like a bicolor Silver Queen

    Butter & Sugar

    75 days

    7"-14 rows

    popular for home garden

    Honey & Cream

    80 days

    7"-12 to 14 rows

    sweet, tender; long, tight husks


    64 days

    7 1/2"-12 rows

    earliest SU bicolor

    Sugar & Gold

    67 days

    6 1/2"-10 to 12 rows

    husk green, with reddish tinge; excellent quality; prefers cooler-season areas