The Vegetable Garden

Corn - Sugary Extender (SE)

    Most of the varieties listed here (like nearly all sweet corn sold today) are hybrids. They are arranged by genetic type and kernel color. The maturity dates are relative because the actual number of days to harvest varies from year to year and location to location.



    Sugary Extender (SE)

    Harvest Ear Size Comments


    72 days

    8"-16 to 18 rows

    superior flavor, holding ability; ears snap easily; prefers warm soil


    68 days

    8"-16 to 18 rows

    excellent eating quality, tip cover


    83 days

    8 to 9"-18 rows

    big, flavorful ears; excellent appearance, yield

    Kandy Korn

    89 days

    8"-14 to 16 rows

    purplish red-streaked ear flags, excellent quality, long shelf life

    Maple Sweet

    70 days

    7 1/2"-14 to 16 rows

    excellent flavor, easy snapping


    84 days

    9"-20 to 22 rows

    superior flavor, ear size, disease tolerance; easy snapping


    84 days

    9 1/2"-16 to 18 rows

    good holding quality; large, tender, attractive, tasty ears


    66 days

    7"-12 to 14 rows

    very early; excellent eating, good tipfill

    Spring Treat

    67 days

    7"-14 rows

    easy snapping, straight rows of kernels

    Sugar Buns

    72 days

    7 1/2"-14 rows

    excellent flavor; attractive, relatively small ears; deep kernels


    83 days

    9"-20 rows

    large ears, superior disease resistance


    75 days

    7 1/2"-16 to 20 rows

    excellent early vigor; good tipfill, husk cover; excellent eating quality; tolerant to Stewart’s wilt, and smut

    White Harvest Ear Size Comments


    79 days

    8"-16 rows

    widely adapted; excellent yield; cool-soil tolerance; attractive ear


    86 days

    8 to 9"-16 rows

    good cold-soil vigor; tolerant to Stewart’s wilt; like a white Incredible


    78 days

    8"-16 rows

    excellent eating; good ear appearance

    Cotton Candy

    72 days

    7 to 8"-16 to 18

    extended harvest; reddish green stalks


    78 days

    8"-16 rows

    excellent flavor, tenderness; snow white color; excellent tip cover; tolerant to drought, Stewart’s wilt


    76 days

    8 to 9"-16 rows

    terrific eating quality, tolerant to Stewart’s wilt

    Seneca Starshine

    71 days

    7 to 8"-16 rows

    blocky ears, with pure white kernels; excellent tenderness, flavor, appearance; prefers 50°F or higher soil temperature for germination

    Seneca White Knight

    74 days

    8 to 9"-16 rows

    high quality; attractive ears; great taste


    79 days

    7 to 8"-14 to 16 rows

    creamy texture; pretty, compact ears

    Spring Snow

    65 days

    7 to 8"-12 rows

    excellent husk cover; very early; attractive ears; very tender kernels; compact plant

    Sugar Snow

    71 days

    8 to 9"-16 rows

    extremely sweet, snow white kernels; good cold-soil tolerance


    79 days

    8"-16 rows

    vigorous; dark green flag leaves; tasty; attractive ear


    75 days

    8"-16 rows

    good spring vigor; fairly large, tasty ears; tolerant to Stewart’s wilt

    Calico Belle

    79 days

    8"-16 to 18 rows

    high yield; attractive; delicious taste; good disease tolerance


    71 days

    8"-16 rows

    superior quality in an early SE bicolor

    Diamonds & Gold

    79 days

    8"-18 rows

    sweet, tender; good tipfill; attractive dark green ears

    Double Delight

    85 days

    9"-16 rows

    large, tasty ears; dark green husk; like a bicolor Incredible

    Double Gem

    74 days

    8 to 9"-16 to 18 rows

    excellent eating quality; blocky ears; usually double ears on stalks

    Kiss ‘N Tell

    68 days

    7 to 8"-14 to 16 rows

    two ears per stalk; good tipfill


    80 days

    8"-16 to 18 rows

    vigorous, stress-tolerant plant; good yields; high quality ears under adverse conditions


    73 days

    8"-16 rows

    dark green flags; good tip cover; tolerant to Stewart’s wilt

    Peaches & Cream

    83 days

    8"-16 to 18 rows

    tasty, poplar home-garden variety; vigorous plant; good ear protection

    Seneca Brave

    73 days

    8"-18 to 20 rows

    husky, excellent quality ears; strong plants

    Seneca Dawn

    69 days

    7 to 8"-14 to 16 rows

    excellent early bicolor; good vigor, eating quality