The Vegetable Garden

Corn - Supersweet (Sh2)

    Most of the varieties listed here (like nearly all sweet corn sold today) are hybrids. They are arranged by genetic type and kernel color. The maturity dates are relative because the actual number of days to harvest varies from year to year and location to location.



    Supersweet (Sh2)

    Yellow Harvest Ear Size Comments

    ChallengerCrisp ‘N Sweet

    85 days

    9"-18 rows

    high yield; excellent disease resistance; good germination, seedling vigor

    Early Xtra Sweet

    70 days

    8"-16 rows

    like the original, but earlier


    82 days

    8 1/2" - 16 rows

    exceptionally high yield, easy to harvest

    Illini Gold

    79 days

    8 1/2"-16 rows

    midseason supersweet

    Illini Xtra Sweet

    85 days

    8"-14 to 16 rows

    the original SH2 supersweet hybrid

    Jubilee Supersweet

    83 days

    9"-18 rows

    excellent home garden supersweet


    83 days


    large ear on short plant, outstanding eating quality

    White Harvest Ear Size Comments


    83 days

    8 to 9"-16 rows

    large, attractive ears; high eating quality


    86 days

    8"-18 to 20 rows

    clean, sturdy plants; excellent quality, holding traits

    How Sweet It Is

    85 days

    8"-16 rows

    All-America Selection winner, sensitive to cold soil, holds quality well


    85 days

    8 1/2"-18 rows

    good cold soil germination, vigor


    83 days

    8 1/2"-18 rows

    good vigor, seedling emergence

    Bicolor Harvest Ear size Comments


    82 days

    9"-16 rows

    excellent appearance


    82 days

    8"-16 to 18 rows

    good looking ear; good disease resistance; creamy texture

    Honey ‘N Pearl

    78 days

    8 1/2"-16 rows

    1988 All-America Selection winner, stands well, excellent quality


    83 days

    8"-18 rows

    smooth, well-filled ears; superior eating quality, tenderness


    85 days

    8 1/2"-16 rows

    excellent eating quality, beautiful ears


    73 days

    8"-16 to 18 rows

    excellent seedling emergence, plant vigor

    Open-Pollinated (SU)
    Yellow Harvest Ear size Comments


    69 days

    6 to 7" ears, 12 rows

    good cold soil germination; good flavor for an early type

    Golden Bantam

    82 days

    6 to 7"ears, 10 to 14 rows

    rich corn flavor, sweet, tender

    White Harvest Ear size Comments

    Country Gentleman

    96 days

    7" ears, kernels not in rows

    very tender, shoe-peg type; drought resistant

    Stowell’s Evergreen

    100 days

    9"ears, 18 to 20 rows

    big, juicy, white kernels; ripen over long period

    Trucker’s Favorite

    95 days

    8 to 9" ears, 14 rows

    delicious white kernels, high yields

    Bicolor Harvest Ear size Comments

    Double Standard

    73 days

    7"ears, 12 to 14 rows

    first bicolor open-pollinated type; good cold soil germination good flavor, tenderness; traditional corn taste

    Black Harvest Ear size Comments

    Black Aztec

    75 days

    7"ears, 8 to 10 rows

    vigorous drought tolerant; sweet white kernels in roasting ear stage, dark blue-black at maturity; good for blue corn meal