The Vegetable Garden

    Squash, Winter - More Varieties

      Spaghetti (C. Pepo)

      • Orangetti (hybrid-semi-bush plant, orange version of spaghetti, high in carotene)
      • Pasta (yellowish cream fruit, improved flavor)
      • Stripetti (hybrid of Spaghetti and Delicata, great taste, stores better)
      • Tivoli (hybrid-bush habit; All America Selection winner; light yellow, uniform fruit, 3 to 4 pounds)
      • Vegetable Spaghetti (OP-good keeper; light yellow, oblong fruit)

      Butternut (C. Mopschata)

      • Butterbush (bush habit; early, 1 to 2 pound fruit)
      • Early Butternut (hybrid-All America Selection winner, early, medium size, high yield)
      • Ponca (extra early, small seed cavity, stores well)
      • Puritan (OP-uniform, blocky, smooth, slightly smaller than Waltham)
      • Supreme (hybrid-thick neck; early, uniform, sweet)
      • Ultra (largest fruit 6 to 10 pounds; good leaf canopy)
      • Waltham (OP-uniform, thick-necked, 10 to 12 inch fruits)
      • Zenith (hybrid; smooth, attractive fruit; high yield)

      True Winter Squash (C. Maxima)

      • All Season (bush; orange skin, flesh; 8 or more small fruit per plant)
      • Banana (pink, blue or gray; long, slim, pointed at the ends; 10 to 30 pounds)
      • Buttercup (dark green fruit with distinct gray cap at blossom end; the standard for fine-grained, sweet flesh; 3 to 4 pounds)
      • Delicious (5 to 12 pounds; large, top-shaped, green or gold fruit, smoother than Hubbard)
      • Emerald Bush Buttercup (bush habit)
      • Honey Delight (hybrid 3 to 4 pounds; buttonless buttercup type; excellent flesh quality)
      • Gold Nuggett (5 inch, flattened round; 1 to 2 pounds; orange skin, flesh; bush habit)
      • Baby, Blue, Chicago, Golden, Green and Warted Hubbard (large teardrop shape, pointed at ends; warted skin; 8 to 25 pounds)
      • Mooregold (bright orange skin, flesh; excellent keeper with tough rind; buttercup type; 2 to 3 pounds)
      • Sweet Mama (hybrid-All America Selection winner; semi-vining, buttercup type; uniform; tasty; 2 to 3 pounds)
      • Sweet Meat (OP-old time favorite; flattened; slate gray skin; 10 to 15 pounds)
      • Red Kuri (OP-bright red- orange; teardrop-shaped; smooth-textured flesh; 3 to 5 pounds)