The Vegetable Garden


    Carrot is a hardy, cool-season biennial that is grown for the thickened root it produces in its first growing season. Although carrots can endure summer heat in many areas, they grow best when planted in early spring. Midsummer plantings, that mature quickly in cool fall weather, produce tender, sweet "baby" carrots that are much prized. Carrots are eaten both raw and cooked and they can be stored for winter use. They are rich in carotene (the source of vitamin A) and high in fiber and sugar content.


    Small, Round

    • Orbit (58 days to harvest, good color, few off-types, best harvested at the size of a 50 cent piece)
    • Thumbelina (60 days; 1992 AAS winner; round roots; good for planting in containers and in heavy, shallow or rocky soil)


    • Baby Spike (52 days; 3 to 4 inch roots, 1/2 inch thick; excellent internal color; tender; holds small size well)
    • Little Finger (65 days; tiny tender roots; 5 inch roots, 1/2 inch thick; golden orange, sweet and crisp)
    • Minicor (55 days; slender fingerling carrots; colors early; uniform, cylindrical, blunt tip; good flavor)
    • Short ‘n Sweet (68 days; rich, sweet flavor; 4 inch roots, broad at shoulder, tapered to a point; good for heavy or poor soil)


    • Red-Cored Chantenay (70 days; heavy yield; good flavor; short, thick roots, broad at the shoulder, tapered to blunt tip)
    • Royal Chantenay (70 days; broad-shouldered, tapered roots; bright orange; good for heavy or shallow soils)


    • Danvers Half-Long (75 days; uniform, 7 to 8 inch roots tapered to very blunt end; sweet, tender)
    • Danvers 126 (75 days; heavier yield than Danvers; smooth roots; tops withstand heat).


    • Bolero (hybrid-70 days; 7 to 8 inch roots, uniformly thick, tapered slightly to blunt tip; superior resistance to foliage disease)
    • Ingot (hybrid-70 days; 8 inch roots, 1-1/2 inches thick; indistinct core; deep orange color; strong tops; extremely sweet)
    • Nantes Coreless (68 days; orange-red; small core, medium top)
    • Scarlet Nantes (70 days; bright orange, slightly tapered, 6 inch roots; crisp, tender and flavorful; standard for high quality carrots)
    • Sweetness (hybrid-63 days; sweet and crunchy; cylindrical, 6 inch roots, 1 inch thick)
    • Touchon (70 days; interior, exterior bright orange; 7 inch roots, nearly coreless)


    • Avenger (hybrid-70 days; extra fancy; slightly blunt, tapered roots, 9 to 10 inches long)
    • Gold Pak (76 days; 8 inch roots, 1-1/2 inches thick; sweet, tender, as coreless as any; good for juice)
    • Imperator 58 (68 days; smooth, fine-grained, long, tapered roots; standard long, thin type)
    • Legend (hybrid-65 days; high yield; smooth, uniform, 9 to 11 inch roots, 1-1/2 inches at shoulder; tolerant to cracking)
    • Orlando Gold (hybrid-78 days; uniform, long, tapered shape; excellent flavor, color; 30 percent more carotene)
    • Tendersweet (75 days; long, tapered roots; rich orange color; sweet, coreless)


    • Belgium White (75 days; mild flavor; long, tapered, white roots; productive, vigorous)